Viral-Technology is a true one stop shop for all I.T. Services. We place emphasis on providing great customer service with our highly developed technical skills to deliver an outstanding I.T. experience that is unsurpassed. Viral-Technology reviews your business processes and offers suggestions that are truly in the client’s best interest. Our sales and design team will take the time to sit down with the client and discuss their company’s needs to design a custom solution.

Managed I.T.

Viral Technology offers “Managed IT Services,” which provides affordable, proactive I.T. management and support for all businesses. Our managed services allows Viral-Technology to monitor your network, computers, and servers 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Our trained help desk professionals can usually find and fix small issues before they negatively affect your employee’s productivity. Our goal is to serve as your long term technology partner with a focus on providing solutions that best suit your unique needs. We use a consultative approach to evaluate your business’s technology needs and then advise you on the best solution(s) for your current and future needs. Viral-Technology can save your organization time and money through better use of technology.

Network Monitoring

Through the use of of our managed service agents, Viral-Technology support staff can proactively monitor your network. This allows us to quickly identify problems such as bad network cards, improper network segmentation, and more.  These problems and others may contribute to the network running slowly which has a negative impact on employee productivity.

Layered Security

We tend to think one layer of security will protect us—for example, antivirus. History has proven that although single-focus solutions are useful in stopping specific attacks, the capabilities of malware today are so broad that these solutions inevitably fail. Viral-Technology uses a layered security approach when it comes to protecting your business’s computers. A layered security approach is one that leverages different solutions to defend and slow the spread of malware or virus infections. In addition to antivirus, Viral-Technology uses a web protection service to protect against web sites that may include malicious advertising, pornographic content, spyware, viruses, and other objectionable content. The final approach is to use a patch management software to ensure your computer and all of its applications, Chrome, Java and Internet Explorer all have their latest security patches to keep their machines safe. We feel that using a layered security approach, in addition to practicing safe web surfing habits, will work together to keep your computer as safe as possible. Please remember there is no way to guarantee that your computer will never become infected, however with this approach we can minimize the exposure.

VoIP Telephone

Viral-Technology offers the latest in hosted (off-site) and on-premise (onsite) VoIP (Voice over IP) telephone systems. There are many reasons to switch to an VoIP telephone system. Ease of use, cost of implementation, and increased user mobility are a few examples. Follow this link for a few more reasons to switch to an VoIP based phone system. Still the question remains, hosted or on-premise? Please check out this great article Billy Chia wrote on how to choose hosted vs on-site phone systems – Hosted vs onsite phone systems. This article contains some great information and is vendor neutral.


Viral-Technology can help you with your onsite Exchange e-mail server.  Our techs are trained on proper procedures to install, maintain, and how to properly back up your Microsoft Exchange Server.  Whether you need to upgrade the environment, wanting a better spam filter, or just some maintenance, Viral-Technology can help.  Viral-Technology also provides Office 365 as our hosted solution. We specialize in planning, deployment, and even migration of Office 365 from onsite to either a hybrid or purely cloud based deployment. Office 365 has several advantages over its onsite counterpoint since it’s a hosted solution. Sure a business can set up their own Exchange Server, SharePoint Server, Lync server, purchase software, and maintain it, but how much will that cost?

Disaster Recovery and Data Protection

Viral-Technology has a couple of different backup solutions to fit our clients needs.  Some solutions are cloud only and others are a hybrid solution of cloud and onsite. Unitrends is our onsite backup appliance that we prefer. Unitrends provides a scalable family of high performance, cloud empowered appliances that integrate purpose-built hardware, enterprise-class backup and recovery software which provides end-to-end data protection and instant recovery from any disaster.

Remote and Onsite Support

We support businesses nationwide!  IT provider unresponsive?  Help desk not helping?  Give us a call and we may be able to help remotely.  We provide remote support and even help businesses with their Office 365 service instead of waiting for Microsoft support.  Are you in the Pensacola or in the surrounding areas?  Give us a call since we also provide onsite support and may be able to visit you at your location.