I.T. Support for Small Business.

It’s simple. We want to be your trusted business partner. To that end, we’re committed to helping you optimize your network uptime by recommending, implementing and managing IT solutions that make sense for you – and your business.

Viral-Technology managed services clients have between 2 and 200 workstations and depend on their computers, network and Internet access for daily operations. Many rely on specialized business applications to perform and operate optimally around-the-clock.

Our valued clients trust us to support their networks because they want peace of mind knowing their technology demands are in the capable hands of certified, trained professionals.

How will we help your small business?

  • Improved reliability: We monitor your computers, servers,  switches and even cloud based services such as Office 365 to ensure your network is running effeinctly as possible. Viral-Technology will identify and correct small problems early, before they have a chance to develop into larger problems. We do this thourgh our agents,
  • ProActive Maintenance of Computers and Equipment: Viral-Technology will keep all systems up to date, this includes firmware on your firewalls, switches. We will also maintain updates on all company owned laptops and Desktops. In addition, we will perform regular routine maintenance on all desktops and laptops to ensure equipment is running as fast as it can. We defrag computers once a month (unless that computer has a solid-state drive) and perform other maintenance tasks weekly, of course all after hours so we do not interfere with your employee’s daily tasks. Twice a year we will visit your location to blow out all computers. This helps extend the life of the computers as well. Dust inside of a computer acts as an insulator and causes the pc to run hotter than it should which in turn shortens the lifecycle of the computer.
  • IT Consulting: We guide our clients with making the best decisions on what new technology will help them function more efficiently. Our goal is to help your employees become more efficient and provide the correct technology the first time. After all, time is money.
  • IT budgeting: Viral-Technology will help you plan and budget for IT expenses. Some of the ways we can help is by managing the lifecycle of your equipment. For example, servers will typically have a 7 year life cycle. At year five Viral-Technology will say we need to start budgeting for a server, at that time we can give you a idea of what the server will cost to replace. That way we can plan to replace the server before it should die.  We can do the same for computers, a good quality laptop will average a three year lifespan.
  • Vendor Management: Have you ever have an issue with a piece of software and you call your vendor only to sit on the phone with them for hours trying to figure out the problem? With Viral-Technology you will no longer do that. We will call the vendor on your behalf help troubleshoot and solve the problem. Allowing your employees to return to other tasks while we solve the issue for you. If you have an internet outage we will call the provider and work with them as well to quickly resolve any issues.