At Viral-Technology we are committed to insuring that our customers remain focused on running their business while we guide them to technology solutions specifically designed to boost productivity and profitability, in a cost effective manner.

To support our mission we draw on these core values:

#1 We maintain open and honest lines of communication between our staff and clients.

#2 We only provide our customers with the products and services that best fit the needs of their company.

#3 We hold ourselves accountable for the smooth and efficient operation of our customers’ technology solutions.

#4 We constantly train our employees in both technical and customer service skills to insure our customers are provided the best technology in a supportive and caring fashion.

#5 We understand that our clients’ needs are ever-changing and we will always look towards the future to ensure Viral-Technology is meeting your needs both today and tomorrow.

#6 We recognize that the customer is why we exist; therefore we provide exemplary products and services through a knowledgeable and friendly staff that result in an outstanding experience.