Viral-Technology opened our doors in August 2014 as a business to business full service I.T. provider in Pensacola, FL. In 2015 we began offering residential services so everyone may experience our reasonable rates, professional quality of work, and the outstanding customer service that Viral-Technology was founded on.

New Computer Sales

Viral-Technology can custom build desktop computers to your specifications which traditionally include a 3 year warranty on all parts. We can also order all major brands of desktops and laptops (ie. Dell, HP, Lenovo), and sell certified refurbished computers.

Computer Repair

Viral-Technology repairs all brands of laptops and desktops. Machines are typically repairable but sometimes it may make sense to purchase a newer computer. Our friendly technicians will explain all your options and provide a recommendation that matches your needs and budget.


We believe that home users should have access to the same commercial grade antivirus protection that businesses enjoy. We understand home users are accessing sensitive data from their home machines such as bank accounts, tax returns, etc. So why should they be any less protected? Viral-Technology offers the same layered methods businesses use to keep their computers safe.


Many people and even professionals can overlook the importance of backups. Do you have family pictures that are irreplaceable? Do you have important financial documents located on the the hard drive of your computer? Many people do take the time to backup to an external hard drive, however it is important to remember that external hard drives can fail for multiple reasons as well. Power surge, mechanical problems, human error, are some factors that can contribute to the drives failure.  We provide backup solutions and also cloud storage solutions to keep your data safe.

Web Protection

Do you worry about your kids accidentally browsing to pornographic or adult websites? How about browsing to other inappropriate websites? Viral-Technology can help provide an affordable web filtering software that is either based upon individual computers or can protect your whole home from inappropriate content. Please understand we can not promise your computer will never get infected, but using web protection and safe browsing habits will greatly decrease your chances.

Residential Support

Viral-Technology provides onsite and remote support for residential customers as well.  Sometimes you may just have a quick question or problem that can be answered in a few minutes, this is where remote support comes into play.  Maybe you have new hardware you need configured at home, is your internet provider telling you everything is fine when it’s not?  Whatever the case may be, we can help you with your technology.